Please also note specific conditions found in the Hurlingham Polo Association Blue Book for particular
level of play.

4. Disputes: Decisions of the Tournament Committee will be final in regard to any dispute.
6. Umpire Ponies: Each team will provide a suitable umpire pony fit for purpose (two per team for 15 goals and above) for each of its matches, saddled as for polo.
8. Team Withdrawal: Once a team has entered the tournament and the draw has been published, it may not withdraw unless there are exceptional circumstances and the Tournament Committee agrees. Please note withdrawal of a team from a match without the permission of the Tournament Committee will be considered
as misconduct.
10. Prize-Giving: Whenever there is a prize giving/presentation at the end of any match in a tournament, each and every member of the specific two teams are to be ready and present no later than 10 minutes after the end of the match, dressed in team colours, whites and boots.

11. Trophies: The trophy/cup is to be insured by the winning team from the day it is presented until the day
that it is presented to the next winning team. The trophy is to be kept clean, in good condition, engraved and
returned prior to the start of the tournament.
19. Change of Time: Having obtained permission from the Polo Office, a team requiring a change of time
will be responsible for seeking the agreement of the other team(s), and will be subject to a charge of any
additional match costs.
20. Clash of Games: When Players have a clash of games, precedence will be given to the higher handicap
tournament and an eligible substitute expected as a replacement for the lower handicap tournament.
21. Tournament Draws: All tournaments will be played under HPA Rules unless otherwise stated. Draws
will be emailed to team captains and will be available from the Club website.
24. Pony Welfare: All Players and Grooms are to adhere to the Hurlingham Polo Association Polo Pony
Welfare Guidelines. Ponies must be offered water to drink; and that studs are removed before leaving the
1. The speed limit in the Park is 20 mph.
2. The traffic one-way system must be observed at all times.
It is the responsibility of the patron and/or the team captain to ensure that all players and grooms in a team
are made aware of the above rules and conditions and have agreed to be bound by them. Although matches
will be played under normal Hurlingham Polo Association rules, a degree of flexibility will be exercised at
the sole discretion of the Tournament Committee, if required, to assist in the smooth running of